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Winning Story Cafe is a book & study cafe located just outside the side gate of Chonbuk University (heading toward Chonbuk University hospital). It is located on the second floor of Grand Mart (그랜드마트) on the opposite side of the street from Kimbap Heaven (김밥천국).

The entrance to the Cafe is a side door in the alley to the right of the building.
(Also, the owner has been to Canada and speaks excellent English!)

Naver map:
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Winning Story Cafe
Chonbuk Dae Tunnel
Chonbuk University Hospital
Winning Story Interior
Winning Story Classroom

The Cafe has an entrance fee of W2,000 (which you will be expected to pay), but reduced prices on all coffee drinks for people who pay the entrance fee. There is also complimentary water and tea near the counter.

The Cafe has four small study rooms (like the one pictured at left) and a larger classroom for groups of over 6 people. There is also a main hall (also pictured at left) that has board games and reading books (English and Korean).

Cafe Menu

Winning Story Cafe Menu
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