Donate Korean Books


Have some old Korean language, travel, or culture books that you no longer use or want? Want to send them to a good home rather than just getting rid of them?

Donate them to the Winning Story Study Cafe’s growing library of Korea-related books! (FREE of charge!)

Why donate?

Winning Story is a study cafe near Chonbuk National University that focuses on education and “building your own ‘winning stories.'” They weekly host various kinds of study groups in the cafe including:

  • Korean language study
  • English language study
  • Coffee study (in Korean and English)
  • TED Talks study
  • And so on

When you donate books to Winning Story cafe, they will be shelved and freely available for all patrons of the study cafe. When there are events like the Korean Kafe or the Language Exchange Party, the books will be out and available for anyone to use.

How to donate

You can either drop off the books yourself or mail them to the address listed below (and we’ll take care of the shipping!)

Winning Story Cafe – Chonbuk-Dae
전주시 덕진구 금암동 632-153
2층 위닝스토리 (그랜드마트 2층)

If you need help finding the location, click this link for images of the cafe and Chonbuk University hospital.

FREE of charge?

Why (or how) can you make shipping books to the cafe FREE of charge?

Quite simply, we are interested in helping as many people as possible learn Korean and get comfortable (and functional) in the language (so that’s the motivation behind this service).

To take advantage of FREE shipping, simply:

  1. Go to your local post office
  2. Address your parcel to the Winning Story cafe (address above)
  3. Make a note of “Korean books” or something on the parcel
  4. Say: 착불로 해주세요 (“Chalk-bool-low hay-joo-say-yo”)

Any problems? Why don’t you stop on by the Winning Story cafe sometime to browse the small, growing study library?