We are now accepting students for the new semester of classes. We will continue to accept students until the teacher’s schedule is full.

Classes begin: ANYTIME!
Class location: ANYWHERE!

  • If you are not located in Jeonju, Skype classes are available.
  • If you are outside of Korea, we also accept payment for Skype classes via Paypal.

Please Contact Us for more details about either of these options.

(On a side note, my wife will give birth to our daughter around the USA’s Thanksgiving time this year.^^ Please anticipate a short break during that time or Skype classes to temporarily replace on-site classes.)

Here are the different levels and books that are available:

TOPIK 1 (Convenient)

Sogang University Compact Series 1

Sogang Uni Compact Series

a.k.a. “Survival” Korean.

In this book, you will learn:

  1. Hangul
  2. 900 vocabulary words (click for list)
  3. 30 grammar rules (click for list)
  4. The basics of Korean culture & surviving in Korea

TOPIK 2 (Comfortable)

Korean Grammar in Use: Beginner

TOPIK 초급 Grammar book

This is a very practical guide to basic Korean grammar and a logical next step from the Seogang book as some of the grammar will be review. You will learn:

  1. 1260 vocab words (click for list)
  2. 121 Grammar rules (click for list)
  3. The basics of TOPIK essay writing

TOPIK 3 (Confident)

TOPIK 중급 Grammar book

TOPIK 중급 Grammar book

This book follows along after the previous grammar book and is written in a similar style with more exercises and review quizzes than its predecessor. You will learn:

  1. 1200-1500 vocabulary words (list currently being built)
  2. 93 Grammar rules (click for list)
  3. Intermediate reading/listening (using TTMIK’s Iyagi series)

TOPIK 4 (Competent)

TOPIK Essential Grammar 150 Book

Continuing TOPIK 중급 Grammar

This book “analyzes 150 major TOPIK grammar rules according to their frequency on the exam.” It’s the best book to learn before the 중급 TOPIK. You will learn:

  1. ~1500 vocabulary words (list currently being created)
  2. 150 grammar rules (click for list)
  3. Intermediate essay writing based on previous TOPIK tests

1:1 Skype lessons

As the location for all the classes is in Jeonju (see location), it may be difficult for people from neighboring towns to come into Jeonju for regular classes.

Last semester, we tried out Skype 1:1 lessons with great success, so this semester we’d like to offer those again to any interested people in Gunsan*, Iksan*, Buan*, Kimje, Namwon* and so on (even internationally!). There are two options for Skype classes:

  1. 1:1 Skype lessons based on your availability
  2. The possibility to join an existing on-sight class via Skype

Please contact us for more details. Or if you’re located in Jeonju and wish to suggest a more convenient location for class, let us know as well.

*Yes, we have taught students from each of these cities, and yes, most of them have done at least one class in Jeonju.

Google Hangouts Class

Alternatively, if there are:

  1. Many students
  2. In a variety of locations
  3. At the same level and
  4. With the same availability

Then Google Hangouts is also an option for class. Please contact us for more details about this option.


Below is the basic schedule that is planned for each class:

Week#1: Seogang2: Basic Grammar3: Intermediate4: TOPIK 150
1Hangul 1-4
Get Ready 1-4
1. Numbers
Get Ready
1. SuppositionIntro
1. Compromise
22. Time1. Tenses
2. Negatives
2. Contrast
3. Informal
2. Degree
3. Supposition
33. Daily life3. Particles4. Reasons4. Order
44. Past tense & negatives3. Particles (cont)
4. Listing
5. Citations
6. Resolution
5. Purpose
6. Citation
7. Certainty
8. Limitation
9. Listing
55. Directions, reasons5. Time7. Advice
8. Recollection
10. State
11. Condition
66. "How"6. Ability
7. Demands, Permission
9. Passive
10. Causative
12. Reason
7Take-home midtermTake-home midtermTake-home midtermTake-home midterm
87. Future tense8. Hope
9. Reasons
10. Requests
11. New things
11. Conditions
12. Extra info
13. Causative
14. Chance
15. Determiner
16. Repetition
98. Noun modifiers12. Suggestions
13. Intentions
14. Explanations
13. Mid-action
14. Degree
17. Completion
18. Checking info
19. Contrasting
109. Honorifics15. Purpose
16. Suppositions
15. Choice
16. Sequence
20. Planning
21. Passive
22. Standard
23. Wish / Hope
24. Change
1110. How to17. Conjecture
18. Changes in speech
17. Discoveries25. Regret
26. Time
27. Choice
1211. Suggestions19. State
20. Confirmation
21. Discovery
22. Endings
18. States
19. Attributes
28. Investigation
1312. Reasons23. Quotations
24. Irregular
20. Emphasis
21. Aims
29. Other
1413. Past tenseTOPIK 초급 Mock Test22. Completion
23. Futility
TOPIK 중급 Mock Test
1514. Comparatives
/ superlatives
---24. Hypothetical
25. Regret
26. Attitudes
16Take-home final testTake-home final test

Please note that the Beginner class and Intermediate class end two weeks after Low and High Intermediate. This is due to the amount of material to cover in the given time period.


Classes are run on a biweekly basis (twice a week) with a day off between classes (i.e. Mon + Wed, Tues + Thurs, Wed + Fri, Mon + Fri) for 1.5 hours each time – so 3 hours per week.

Prices are:
  1. 12,000/hour for a large class (more than 4 students)
  2. 15,000/hour for a small class (2-4 students)
  3. 20,000/hour for a private lesson (1 student)

Discounts are provided for students who pay monthly. Larger discounts for students who pay for half or the whole class up front (plus a FREE book).

For online lessons:
  1. 15,000/hour for a 1:1 lesson (1 hour at a time, up to 3 times a week)
  2. 12,000/hour to “join” a class or Hangout

Contact Us

Please be sure to contact us for more details or with any questions you may have.